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GRender Studio brings vitality to your architectural vision. Our 3D rendering studio offers a wide variety of architectural visualization services to our world-wide clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to produce an array of media for each project thanks to our diverse expertise, which sets us apart from other 3D rendering companies that are limited in their services. 

Still Image

At GRender Studio, our architectural rendering team brings character, emotion and sensation to the forefront. We not only create exterior and interior rendered images with a high level of precision, but also we facilitate unique experiences to transport the viewer through time and space.

Every rendered architectural image that we create is not only expertly illustrated to depict the project’s future construction, but it also tells a story about how the completed project will impact its surroundings, and eventually encourage overall positive development of its location.

V4_EXTERIOR 1_photoshoped.jpg

Architectural Animation and

Video Production

The GRender Studio team merges cinematic video production techniques with animation in architecture to illustrate perfection, and to create an all-around aesthetically pleasing experience. In addition to producing 3D architectural animations, which will essentially walk you through the designed project, we also generate short films combining architectural animation with real video footage. Our experienced team consists of multidisciplinary experts who participate in different stages of work, from pre-production to post production.

Architectural VR

(Virtual Reality)

Just a short time ago, virtual reality was a cutting edge technology, only used by the largest 3D architectural visualization companies to impress their clients. However, VR is now considered an industry staple for architecture and real estate development for its ability to allow for built environments to be explored and adjusted prior to physical construction.

Architectural VR is a superb way to experience and fully comprehend designed spaces and buildings three-dimensionally. At GRender Studio, we use the newest software and technologies to provide the highest available resolution virtual reality experience to our North American clients. The results are so lifelike, you can almost touch them!



At GRender Studio, we believe in the power of compelling marketing of your architecture design work, and we understand that marketing strategies must be fully cohesive with your overall brand to ensure the most effective impact on target audiences. We are one of the few architectural visualization companies that includes an all-encompassing branding team, which provides design of websites, logos, catalogues, business cards and more with your unique brand’s touch and feel. We tailor our services to your specific needs, and promise to deliver unparalleled marketing materials.

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