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Seeing is Believing

Vision drives the success of every architectural project. With a clear vision, your clients, investors and potential users will understand the goals and promises of each project. At GRender Studio, we strive to become the frontier of the visualization industry. 


We are fortunate to work in the discipline of 3D rendering and architectural visualization, which produces the newest and most innovative designs every day. GRender Studio is proud to work with the most talented designers, and share the opportunities to create exquisite illustrations of their architectural projects. 




Our mission at our 3D rendering studio is to visualize your architectural ideas and make them believable. Humans often require concrete proof to be convinced of something’s validity, and 3D visualization is an extraordinary tool that permits us to envision buildings and concepts that do not yet exist in the physical world. This is our specialty at GRender Studio, and we are committed to delivering your vision with the highest caliber of architectural visualization. We have the ability to work on the most exclusive designs, and we utilize the most advanced 3D visualization technologies to provide visual insight as to how the projects will appear when they are eventually constructed into real environments.

Sajed Golafshani


Sajed Golafshani is a designer with over 10 years experience in the fields of architecture, graphic design, film, 3D rendering, architectural visualization, architectural VR, and architectural rendering animation. He holds a Master of Architecture Degree from University of Toronto. Sajed has worked with leading architecture and design practices around the world, including EMBT and Hickok Cole.

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