What We Do

We provide all range of services to the real estate market and architects.


At GRender Studio we bring character, emotion and sensation to the forefront. We not only create images with a high level of precision, but we create unique experiences to transport the viewer through time.

Every image that we create not only precisely illustrates what is to be constructed; it tells a story about how the completed project will impact its surroundings, and eventually encourage positive growth in its location.

Each project we undertake is considered a unique design experience and opportunity. We start by exploring and capturing the feelings our clients want to convey or promote through the renderings, and then produce images to tailor to each of their specific requests.



At GRender, we merge cinematic video production techniques with architectural visualization methods to illustrate perfection, and to create an all-around aesthetically pleasing experience. We not only produce animations that will essentially walk you through the designed project, but we produce short movies combining 3-D animations with real videos.

Our experienced team consists of multidisciplinary experts who participate in different stages of work from pre-production to post production.


Recently, there have been significant changes in architectural visualization due to the development of virtual reality.

Five years ago, virtual reality was a cutting edge technology only used by high-end companies to impress their clients. However, now VR is considered an industry staple.

Virtual reality is a superb way to experience and fully comprehend the designed spaces three-dimensionally. We use the newest software and technologies to provide the highest available resolution virtual reality experience to our clients. So lifelike you can almost touch it!


At GRender Studio, we know that presentation is key. We offer tailored branding services to our clients to ensure that their projects are being presented with the utmost professionalism, and that their designs and project plans are conveyed in a cohesive, dynamic way.


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